New Life Skills Training Centres

New Life Skills Training Centres

NLSTCs are a 14-month residential program to help young men change their lives. We teach life-skills, literacy and vocational training in a atmosphere designed to provide spiritual development.

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Haus Ruth and Meri Seif Haus

Haus Ruth and Meri Seif Haus

Haus Ruth is the first and only long-term shelter for survivors of Gender-Based Violence. We provide shelter, medical attention,, counseling and social services for women and their children.

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At Risk Children

At Risk Children

New Life Children's Crisis Centre in Port Moresby and Haus Clare in Lae provides short-term residential care for orphans, abused children and those who's parents have been impacted by HIV/AIDS.

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City Mission PNG: A Legacy of Hope 

City Mission PNG (CMPNG) has been “Spreading the love of God and meeting human needs” for over 25 years.  The Mission began as a ministry to street boys and has continued to grow and adapt to the challenging social and spiritual needs of Papua New Guinea.  As a Faith-based, Christian ministry we recognize our responsibility help the neediest people in PNG in a holistic way: physically,  emotionally and spiritually.

As 2018 CMPNG has multiple facilities in Port Moresby, Lae – and now – Madang.

Our New  Life Skills Training Centres provide life skills, literacy and vocational training through a 14-month residential program. Our two facilities currently have bed space for over 300 young men at a time.

In 2003 we opened  the first long-term shelter supporting survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV). At Haus Ruth in Port Moresby and Meri Seif Haus in Lae we provide shelter, counselling and social services for women (and their children) who have experienced domestic or sexual abuse.

Recognizing a disturbing trend of more and more street children in the nation’s capital, CMPNG  launched New Life Children’s Crisis Centre, the first government-certified Children’s Crisis Centre in the country.  NLCCC provides short-term residential care, counselling and an abundance of love  for abused, abandoned and orphaned children. Haus Clare in Lae serves a a longer-term orphanage.

  We are a Christian organization and believe that the ultimate success in life must include a relationship with God. To this end we encourage spiritual development in and through all aspects of our programs. Each City Mission location has a local church in the program that our clients attend for discipleship, encouragement and spiritual fellowship.

As a Non-profit NGO, City Mission operates on the generous donations of organizations, businesses and individual who partner with us to make a difference in the lives of countless Papua New Guinea families each year.

Stori Blong Mi: Stories of those we helped.

We Walked The Kokoda Track to Get To City Mission

My life was not good. I was afraid I was going to go to prison or get killed. Although I had an education I had no job and nothing to do but make homebrew and get in trouble.  One day I read in the newspaper about City Mission and how they helped boys like me to  change their lives.  I told my parents I was going to City Mission and they encouraged me.  My brother and some friends decided to go with me..  We had to walk for three days over the Kokoda Track with very little food. It was hard, but we were determined to change your lives.  We were all accepted into the program.  While in the program I accepted God into my life and He changed me too.  I was hired by City Mission to work in the Koki Dorm as maintenance and security. I am thankful to God and  City Mission that my life has changed.

Andi Auti, New Life Skills Training Centre Graduate

From Armed Robbery to Welding

paul morganPaul’s father died when he was 12 and he was very affected by it. “When my dad died I just left school.” He started drinking, smoking marijuana and participating in armed robbery. By 18 he was imprisoned for 6 years for car-jacking. He said prison was very tough. “I (would) just hate to go there (again).” When he came out of jail, he saw that people in his community were afraid of him. “When people used to see me they used to get scared. I saw that and I was not happy.” For Paul the most significant change in his life is to develop skills. “I want to expand my mind.” At the end of the program he would like to do further training to become a welder.

Steven Isodore

Steven came to City Mission early in 2014. He wanted to get out of the village life.  He had heard that he could get an education and a place to stay at City Mission and applied to enter the program.  He stayed a few months and decided that the program was too hard. He didn’t like the discipline because he had never had to be responsible before. Steven decided to leave City Mission at the end of June of 2014.

“I left City Mission and went back to my village.  The same day I saw my brothers drinking home brew and they gave me a cup.  A little later the same day the police arrived and accused us of raping a girl and murdering a man.  The police bashed us and took a bush knife that my brother had and cut each of us.  I have a scar on my chin and on my neck. They cut my brother on the back of his hand.  All of this happened the same day I left City Mission.  I went to jail for one month. We were facing years in prison for rape and murder even though we were innocent.  In Jail you only got tea for breakfast and no lunch.  They gave you a little bit of rice for dinner.  Sitting in jail I decided to go back to City Mission and change my life for good.  I prayed for God to help me.  After one month they came to our cell one day and called our names.  They took us to court and when we got there the only charges against us were disorderly conduct.  They released us on a six month bond.  When I got out of jail I immediately went to City Mission to see if I could get back in the program.  I am happy to be in City Mission and my life was changied.”

Steven went to jail the day he left City Mission and came back to City Mission the day he left Jail.  Steven has been back in the program for one year now and will be graduating in a few months.  He is happy to be here (even with the discipline) because he is getting an education and is determined to get a good job and not go back to his old life.

Steven Isadore, New Life Skills Training Centre Graduate

Do You Want to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life?

You can! Volunteer, donate or even consider a career of caring with City Mission.  We make the difference in hundreds of lives every day – you can too. when you partner with us in Spreading the Love of God and Meeting Human Needs.  Contact us today to find out how you can help.