Steven Isodore

Steven came to City Mission early in 2014. He wanted to get out of the village life.  He had heard that he could get an education and a place to stay at City Mission and applied to enter the program.  He stayed a few months and decided that the program was too hard. He didn’t View Full →

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From Armed Robbery to Welding

Paul’s father died when he was 12 and he was very affected by it. “When my dad died I just left school.” He started drinking, smoking marijuana and participating in armed robbery. By 18 he was imprisoned for 6 years for car-jacking. He said prison was very tough. “I (would) just hate to go there (again).” View Full →

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Transformational Journey

Andy Auti  graduated in April 2015 from NLSTC in POM.  He and four of his friends had walked three days and night over the Kokoda Track –96 kilometers of some of the roughest terrain in the world — from Popendetta to come to City Mission and join the program many months earlier. Here is Andy’s story in View Full →

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